Dai jia the first plastic machinery factory is located in “the north township of the plastic”-Laizhou bay and on the border of the three cities --Yantai,Weifang,Qingdao.,the southward join in the Weiwu high-speed road,and the west meets 206 federal highways.The transportation facilitates extremely.

  Since out factory put up,Possessing abundant technical strength and experienced technical personnel,the corporation is specialized in producing plastic complete production units. So far,we has the production technology and the manufacture craft about to produce the tube,the membrane,the net,the silk,the agitation,the mixed iron-smelting,pelletizing machine and so on each kind of model machinery

  We takes “the supreme prestige,customer first”as our permanent promise.

  We thought serves more importantly than the sale,For many years,we continuously have depended upon the advanced technology,the fine quality,develops the new variety
Unceasingly,make production more perfect,satisfies the user need,Our sale and the service had a high quality marketing service troop.

  Our guide line,”The positive grasped market,the consolidated old user,develops the new customer,guides to expend devotedly,serves with the user,the endeavour factory benefit and the social value synchronization growth,Set up all covers national marketing service network.

  Thanks you the trust and the like of the Daijia brand You obtain our high quality machine,meanwhile get the high quality lifelong technical servise.
General Manager Mr.Dai Bingjun accompanies all staff to welcome the friend to Daijia

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